Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy Services is a warm and welcoming place, where like-minded practitioners work to provide comprehensive services to our clients. As a client of our practice you will be treated in an ethical and inclusive way, your practitioner will form a trusting and connected relationship with you, which builds the foundation of safety for you to explore your issues of concern.

Our practitioners work across the lifespan, all the way through to the elderly. They come from diverse backgrounds and have in common the same respectful and non-judgemental way of being with a person. One of our goals is to increase your personal awareness which then allows you more choices on how you can respond to situations and issues. Our ultimate goal is to improve your emotional and mental health so you can more fully enjoy your life.

Our Practitioners


About Deborah

Principal Counsellor

Deborah is a Psychotherapist and accredited Gestalt Therapist, providing short and long term counselling for individuals and couples.


About Toni


Toni is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor who specialises in working with women on issues of self-worth, anxiety, trauma and body image.

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As restrictions surrounding COVID-19 begin to ease in Western Australia, Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy is once again offering face-to-face sessions, in addition to online sessions. For those of you visiting us in-person, rest assured that we are strictly following social distancing regulations and will not have any physical contact with clients. If you have any questions, please contact your therapist for more information.