Grief Counselling

Have you experienced a loss that you’re struggling to come to terms with? At Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy we can help by providing a safe environment to process your loss and begin to learn how to live with it.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and responses to any sort of loss can vary greatly. Your grief is never unwarranted. Our experienced trauma and grief counsellors work at a pace that is suitable for you and believe it is important that grief and loss is acknowledged and felt so you can learn to live with the loss and eventually find joy in your life again.

It is common for feelings of guilt, anger, sadness or even fear to arise in the wake of a loss of a loved one. We’ll provide a safe and nurturing environment to work through these feelings, free from judgement, and understand where they may be stemming from.

While we can not cure the pain of losing someone or something close to you, we can be with you as you experience the emotions associated with your loss. We are here to gently walk with you as you grieve and remember.

Grief Counselling

How We Can Help

If you’re searching for grief counselling in Perth to assist you in managing your overwhelming emotions following a loss, we are here to help. Our team of professionals can provide the emotional support and structure to allow you to process your feelings with the loss you are experiencing and to integrate any past grief that may be unresolved as well.

Why Choose Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Our empathetic and professional counsellors employ a non-judgmental approach to grief counselling, providing a safe environment to express yourself
  • We are widely accessible, with three grief counselling locations across Perth
  • We work from a variety of models, all are personal centred and work towards developing your own personal awareness and self compassion. Book Grief Counselling Near Me Now

Need help handling grief or coping with a traumatic event? Get in touch with our team of compassionate experts to receive grief counselling near me today.