Trauma Counselling

The team at Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy specialise in adopting a compassionate approach to trauma therapy to work through past trauma and manage its impacts on your daily life.

In psychology, trauma refers to the mind’s exposure to a level of stress beyond what it can cope with. People of all ages can experience trauma for many different reasons. The team of qualified professionals understand the depths of trauma’s impacts. They are experienced in delivering thoughtful and healing counselling for a wide variety of trauma and grief.

Trauma Counselling

There are 2 distinct types of trauma. The first is single event trauma (often diagnosed as PTSD) which could encompass anything from a car accident, to a bush fire or assault. The second is complex trauma or attachment trauma which is the result of ongoing neglect or abuse, usually beginning in childhood.

Trauma is not so much about what happens to you, but what happens inside you. The key features of trauma are disconnection from self and others, and changes in our capacity to function on a day-to-day basis.

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How We Can Help

Trauma therapy provides a safe place to be met by one of our compassionate and knowledgeable counsellors. They will pay careful attention to your experiences to address the key details of your traumatic experience at its root.

Healing arises through the interpersonal connection so the journey towards processing the trauma and integration of it can happen naturally. Our caring professionals will work with the nervous system to expand your capacity to feel safe, grounded and connected. We will work with you to learn about living in the present moment, rather than being vigilant and fearful of a past that has already happened.

Why Choose Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Our empathetic and professional counsellors employ a non-judgmental approach to counselling, respecting you through every step of the way
  • We are widely accessible, with four trauma counselling locations across Perth
  • Our interpersonal meetings allow us to provide tailored counselling, which is adapted to your specific trauma and addressing your needs
  • We build a healthy and trustworthy foundation with you from the start, reassuring you of our safe and comforting environment and interpersonal approach

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