Counselling for Anxiety

Are you looking for counselling for anxiety problems in Perth?

Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy can assist people suffering from anxiety to cope with and even overcome their anxiety issues. We work closely with clients from all walks of life to develop an understanding of their anxiety so that they can develop strategies for coping.


Anxiety is often characterised by feelings of panic, worry and unease. It can have devastating effects on a person’s life, manifesting in many different ways and occurring in varying situations depending on the individual.

At Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy, we tailor our anxiety counselling to each client. We work to understand a clients’ needs and concerns so that we can address these individually and with a nuanced understanding of the root causes of a clients’ anxiety. By developing a close and trusting connection with our clients, we are able to better understand the reasons behind their anxiety and work with them to develop strategies to cope with these.

We teach our clients methods and strategies to cope with their anxiety no matter how it is manifesting in their life. Clients are able to gain an insight into their anxiety and learn skills to better manage their issues. We give them the tools to manage stress and regulate mood so that they can deal with episodes of anxiety and work to eventually overcome it.

Why Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Our anxiety counselling approach is considerate, respectful and nurturing. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and comforting environment where clients feel able to open up and share their experiences, worries and concerns.
  • The counsellors at Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy are committed to developing a foundation of trust with all our clients. We facilitate an open and honest discussion about clients’ anxiety issues by listening, understanding, and providing a welcoming environment at all times.
  • We tailor our approach to the individual, recognising that the same strategies will not work for everyone. By getting to know the personal circumstances, backgrounds and issues of each client, we are better equipped to offer counselling that is the most effective for dealing with and overcoming anxiety issues.
  • Our anxiety counselling services are available at a wide range of locations across Perth, so we are widely accessible to everyone.

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