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Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style: A Definition

Fearful avoidant attachment develops as a result of trauma in early life and presents as a simultaneous fear of closeness and connection and longing for these things. Fearful avoidance can manifest in an inability to form close relationships, but there are strategies for dealing with this attachment style. What are Attachment Styles? Early in life,

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Anxious Preoccupied Attachment Style: A Definition

Anxious preoccupied attachment can result in people having low confidence and requiring a lot of reassurance from the people around them. It is an emotionally volatile style of attachment that can make it difficult to form close relationships. However, there are strategies for dealing with anxious attachment. What are Attachment Styles? Psychologists have been using

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Secure Attachment Style: A Definition

Secure attachment is a healthy way of being within relationships. People with secure attachment are happy, confident, and well-adjusted. Parents can foster this attachment style in their own children from an early age by providing a nurturing environment and being awre of how their emotional reactions and responses affects their child. What are Attachment Styles?

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Dismissive Avoidant Attachment Style: A Definition

Dismissive avoidant attachment is an attachment style that usually presents as emotionally-distanced and highly self-reliant. Developed in early childhood, this dismissive avoidance can manifest in an inability to connect with people and form close relationships. While our attachment style isn’t something that we can change (like the way we change our hair style), there are

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What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment theory theorises that everyone has a different style of attachment, or way of interacting with others within relationships. This attachment style determines the way we connect to other people and develop emotional bonds. Since its origins, attachment theory has become a widely accepted theory for understanding how childhood experiences shape our adult lives. History

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Attachment Styles: A Guide to the Different Types

Attachment styles are the ways in which we interact with other people and behave within relationships. There are four main types of attachment styles, which are typically developed in childhood and continue into our adult lives. Understanding these styles and recognising which type of attachment you fall into can be an important first step in

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