My way of working with you

As a Gestalt Practitioner I work in the here and now with whatever issue/problem my client brings to our session.  Gestalt is a German word that is not easily translated to just one english word it relates to shape, pattern, the whole form, the configuration.

One of the key approaches in Gestalt is the use of dialogue and curiosity. Working in the here and now Gestalt Therapy can gently highlight old fixed ways of being in the world which often are not as effective and beneficial for you. Over time and at your own pace you are able to  explore your  feelings and how these influence the choices you make and the outcomes of these choices.

I use stories, humour and personal sharing to assist my clients to move to a place of insight and awareness and by this they can gain a greater understanding of them self and others.

Sessions with me can assist you by helping you  to:

  • See situations/events differently
  • Increase your self-awareness and how you deal with powerful emotions
  • Look at and change habituated behaviours that are no longer working for you
  • Relate more fully to your partner and other significant people in your life
  • Develop empathy, self-compassion and acceptance

If you would like to find out more or are interested in making an appointment please phone 0458 677 108 or email