Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy provides extensive counselling services to address a number of situations and issues. We provide our clients with a warm and welcoming environment that helps to make them feel comfortable and able to open up.

Our experienced, non-judgemental counsellors take the time and effort to build trusting relationships with every single client, building a foundation of honesty and safety that enables clients to explore and resolve their issues of concern.

By helping our clients to improve their emotional health and mental wellbeing, we are ultimately able to help them to enjoy their lives more fully.

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Our Counselling Services

Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Characterised by feelings of worry, panic or unease, anxiety can manifest in different ways for different people and occur in varying situations.

Like all of our counselling, our anxiety counselling is tailored to the individual client so that we can address specific needs and concerns. Through building a connection of trust, we are able to address the root causes of clients’ anxiety issues and provide them with strategies that will help them to cope with and even overcome their anxiety.

Counselling for Depression

Depression can manifest in many ways and can affect different people in different ways. For some, depression may occur after a triggering event while others may feel depressed for no apparent reason. Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy’s depression counselling is tailored to the individual and is suitable for all types of depression.

Through targeting the underlying causes of depression, our depression counselling helps clients to reduce the symptoms of depression by teaching strategies that help to regulate mood and effectively manage stress to improve overall wellbeing.

Grief Counselling

Grief and loss can be felt in many different situations and may be a result of losing a loved one, a pet, a job, a relationship or friendship, or experiencing a life-altering event such as an injury, illness or moving.

The responses to grief are deeply personal and, as such, are wide and varied. Our grief counselling helps and support our clients as they live with their grief. In particular we help them to learn how to live with grief so they can still manage their day to day lives and allow themselves to enjoy their relationships and life again.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma is complex and can arise from myriad situations and events. At Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy, we are able to help who suffer from both single event trauma (often referred to as PTSD) as well as complex trauma.

Our compassionate counsellors facilitate a safe space in which clients are able to make the journey of processing their trauma and learn how to live in the moment rather than being constantly fearful of the past.

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