Science has proven our brain is plastic, this means it can learn new things, change old ingrained patterns and ways of being in the world, in other words humans have the brain capacity to learn, change, develop and grow. It is each individuals choice how much OR how little they do of this.

As a Gestalt therapist I work with a client in the “here and now”, this means past events or issues are explored but in the context of how they impact your life now, mostly through your learned responses and ways of behaving and/or viewing things. Gestalt therapy facilitates awareness and insight and with this comes greater choice over how we communicate with others and respond to situations and events. This improves our relationships including our professional,  friends, family and intimate relationships. Neuroplasticity means we can learn different ways to think and different ways to respond and our brain will enable this.

You can change the results by changing your thinking and actions and creating new neural pathways.

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