Marriage Counselling

Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy is proud to provide the best marriage counselling in Perth. We work with couples to facilitate listening and effective communication so that couples can gain insight to work together to overcome unresolved tensions and issues.

Our counselling for marriage issues encompasses all kinds of relationship problems, including poor communication, a rupture caused by emotional infidelity or an affair, difficulties with sexual intimacy, desire discrepancy, financial pressures, and other day to day life issues that may arise, such as the sharing of household roles and responsibilities. Additionally, we help to address other factors which may be causing stress to the marriage, including blended families, aging parents, parenting differences, and workplace stresses.

Reconciled couple smiling at each other

Our experienced and empathetic practitioners can help married couples to truly listen and hear each other so that resentment can be overcome and mutual understanding can be achieved. We work from a ‘no-blame’ approach so that both individuals can gain an understanding into how they may be contributing to their relationship = issues and misunderstandings.

Through the application of a variety of methods and approaches that are especially tailored to the individual couple, couples are able to learn the skills and gain the insights necessary to overcome and resolve their issues.

Why Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Our marriage and relationship counselling approach is respectful and non-judgemental. We work with diverse couples including same sex and transgender couples and different types of relationships.
  • Our marriage counselling services are available at a wide range of locations across Perth, meaning that we are widely accessible.
  • At Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy, we pride ourselves on our ability to truly get to know the couples to whom we are providing marriage counselling. By getting to know you as individuals, as well as your personal circumstances, backgrounds and issues, we are able to provide tailored counselling that is best suited to your relationship and will be most effective for understanding and overcoming difficulties.
  • By building a foundation or trust from the first session and providing a welcoming and safe environment, we help to make you feel comfortable to talk about your marriage difficulties, facilitating respectful communication.

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