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The Benefits of a Circle of Security Parenting Course

Are you considering a Circle of Security Parenting course? This program is a fantastic way to learn how to communicate with your children and offer them the support they need when growing up in the world. The Circle of Security invites parents to reflect on their relationship with their children and find ways to be with them when they are experiencing big and often overwhelming emotions such as shame, anger, sadness, even excitement.

Modern parenthood is full of pressures and expectations, and many parents will tie themselves in knots trying to get everything right. All parents are equipped to be a good caregiver for their child. We want what is best for our children and we develop close bonds with them. But knowing how to create a secure attachment while granting our children the freedom to explore new experiences can be difficult.

The Circle of Security allows parents to learn, understand, and make mistakes without judgement. The program will foster not only healthy relationships between parents and children, but lifelong benefits for the child.

What is the Philosophy Behind Circle of Security Parenting?

There is no such thing as the perfect parent – yes, it’s true! Parents who try to practice “perfect” parenting only create stress, frustration and self-criticism in themselves. Circle of Security believes in the idea of ‘good enough’ parenting. This means encouraging children to go out and explore the world, while always providing a safe and nurturing place for children to retreat to. Our children need us to be there for them when they are feeling lost, confused or out of control; they require the comfort of someone bigger, stronger and wiser than them to be kind and understanding.

When a child misbehaves, the cause is often rooted in how safe they are feeling. Understanding how to cater for your children’s needs and read their cues for when they want more freedom to explore or more safety and comfort, can result in children who act out less often.

No one gets it right all of the time. All parents will sometimes misread a cue from their child, keeping them too close when they want more independence, or not offering enough comfort when they require consolation and support. But if you meet your child’s needs enough of the time and you are a ‘good enough’ parent, it will result in happier, healthier, more secure children.

What is Involved in a Circle of Security Program?

The Circle of Security Parenting program is an eight week course that helps parents understand the concepts of the Circle of Security, learn how to identify what they are seeing in their children, and discover the best ways to respond so that they meet the emotional needs of their child.

The program is designed for caregivers of children aged 6 months to 8 years. Parents, grandparents, foster parents and legal guardians are all encouraged to attend. If your children are older, the Circle of Security training can be adapted for your needs. Everyone continues to have attachment requirements throughout their life, so no matter how old your children are, you can benefit from learning about the Circle of Security.

What is Secure Attachment?

The Circle of Security program is based on creating secure attachments between children and their parents. A securely attached child is happy and confident. They feel supported and safe exploring their world, and welcomed when they are ready to return.

When a child is raised in this way, they have a strong sense of trust in their parent.They feel accepted and nurtured, and able to talk about their feelings and express emotions without fear, confusion or panic. A child knows that they are loved and valued when their parents take delight in who they are, rather than what they do.A secure child has self worth.

Why Consider Circle of Security Classes?

Taking a Circle of Security course when your children are young has a myriad of benefits for not only your relationship with your child, but for their lifelong development.

Research shows that attachment problems in infancy and early childhood increase the probability of psychopathology later in life. Conversely, children who have a secure attachment will benefit in the following ways:

  1. They will feel more happiness and less anger at their parents
  2. They can solve problems on their own and ask for help when they are in trouble
  3. They have lasting friendships and get along better with their friends
  4. They have better sibling relationships
  5. They feel better about themselves and what they can contribute
  6. They are more protected against feeling hopeless or helpless about life
  7. They trust the people they love and know how to be kind
  8. They believe that good things will happen.

Circle of Security Parenting Program

If you feel like you and your family could benefit from the Circle of Security Parenting Program, or you want to find out more about this approach, contact us for a discussion.

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