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The Benefits of Working Towards Emotional Growth

Working towards your own emotional growth will help you regulate your emotions, communicate more effectively, and change behaviours that are holding you back. It is impossible to be perfect or know everything about yourself in order to be happy or successful, however, learning to understand your feelings and emotions and why they are triggered is

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Rebuilding Trust when Trust has Been Broken

Have you experienced a loss of trust in your relationship? Trust is a crucial part of any successful partnership and its loss can be devastating. However, there are ways for couples to work together to rebuild trust Why is Trust Important in a Relationship? Many mental health specialists who work with couples agree that trust

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What Is Emotional Infidelity?

How do you define emotional infidelity? For some, it may be the trail of flirtatious comments left on another person’s social media page, or it could be those afterhours drinks with a person your partner perceives as a threat. Infidelity doesn’t have to be physical to have a major impact on you and your relationship.

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5 Key Steps in Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a key challenge for many couples, but knowing how to de-escalate and manage conflict in relationships is an important skill. Repairing a rupture after an argument means acknowledging differences and working together to find solutions. Often, our emotions can get in the way of good communication. When this happens, it can be

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Understanding the Fight or Flight Response

The fight or flight response is a natural physiological reaction to stressful situations. It helps humans to respond quickly to threats, however when triggered by normal daily stressors, it can cause long term problems for both physical and mental health. What is the Fight or Flight Response? The fight or flight response, also known as

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What Is Emotional Regulation?

We all feel and experience emotions. From the moment we wake up, to our daily routine, and settling down at night—we deal with a range of positive and negative thoughts and feelings across our day. But have you ever stopped to consider why you may be feeling certain emotions? Emotional regulation can be defined by

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How Vagal Nerve Simulation is Linked to Mental Health

The vagal nerve has been instrumental in the management of mental health. The vagus nerve–only found in mammals–is a nerve that connects the brainstem and the body to assist in relaxation and regulation. Read on to learn more about how stimulating the vagal nerve is linked to the betterment of our mental health. What Is

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The Nervous System (and How it Relates to Healing from Trauma)

The nervous system oversees your body’s response to stressful situations and this response can be deeply connected to traumas you may have experienced in the past. A dysregulated nervous system will at times cause a response that is disproportionate to a trigger, meaning a seemingly small event can overstimulate the system and cause a more

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What is Polyvagal Theory?

Polyvagal theory is about how our body responds to, and processes, stress. Polyvagal means many wandering nerves related to the vagal nerve in our body. Polyvagal theory was first described by Dr Stephen Porges in 1994 and now informs many therapists worldwide. The Three States of Activation Dr Porges research has proven our body has

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How to Overcome a Fear of Intimacy

A fear of intimacy can negatively affect your ability to form close and loving relationships. It is commonly caused by a past traumatic experience and often can be traced back to childhood. If you feel like you may be living with a fear of intimacy, there are ways to address and overcome it. Working with

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