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Signs You’re In A Codependent or Interdependent Relationship

Do you think you may be in a codependent relationship? Codependency and interdependency may seem similar, but while codependent behaviour can be damaging to both parties, an interdependent relationship is a healthy partnership of equals. If you think you may be a codependent person, you can overcome these patterns of behaviour and build more constructive

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Setting Personal Boundaries In Relationships: How To Do It

Setting boundaries within relationships is important to ensure we maintain our personal space and sense of self. Good personal boundaries help us to feel comfortable and safe within our relationships, while a lack of boundaries in relationships can lead to problems in communication, feelings of resentment, and a lack of trust. What Are Personal and

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What Is Codependency? Recognising codependent relationships

Codependency can prevent people from living fulfilled and independent lives. Codependent relationships display an unhealthy dynamic that is caused by a person’s sense of worthlessness and low self-esteem. However, with counselling and therapy, many people can overcome their codependent behaviours and pursue healthy and rewarding relationships. Defining Codependency Codependency refers to a reliance on another

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