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Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy Covid-19 Response

Your health and wellbeing is central to everything we do at Perth Counselling & Psychotherapy.

So, as the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we wanted to reassure you that we’re working to support you during this difficult, challenging time.

We will continue to meet with clients face to face whenever possible, and for as long as possible. Rest assured that we are well-equipped to offer online video sessions to all clients and, dependent upon how the COVID-19 virus curve develops, it may be that eventually all our sessions are conducted online to help protect your health and safety, as well as that of our team.

Additional Hygiene Strategies

While we already have sound hygiene practices in place, we have implemented the following additional strategies to help reduce the risk of transmission:

  1. All clients will have their temperature checked at the door. Any clients with a fever will be asked not to enter the building.
  2. We request that all clients use hand sanitiser once they enter the building.
  3. We will not shake hands or have any physical contact with clients.
  4. Social distancing of 1.5metres will be maintained within the consulting room.
  5. All work surfaces are cleaned a minimum of twice daily.
  6. Soft furnishings are disinfected twice daily.

How You Can Help

We expect all clients to comply with Government directives on self-isolation and quarantine periods. If you have a fever, sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, recently travelled overseas, been in contact with someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19), or believe you may be at risk, do not come into our offices. Please call us to reschedule.

Remember that all sessions can be provided online during self-isolation and quarantine.

We acknowledge the many and significant challenges that you may be coping with, and appreciate your willingness to comply with the strategies we have implemented.

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