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Self awareness, choice and less judgement

More than a few months ago I was motivated and consistent with following the 5 and 2 way of eating. I was losing weight, feeling better, had more clothes to choose from, and that was just inside my own wardrobe!!

What happened? My daughter became pregnant and bought a house, I married my long term partner, I became a grandmother recently, I had some issues I had to resolve……….in other words, life is what happened!

The difference for me from any other time in my life when I have started something and then stopped is that I am giving myself permission to NOT do it. In this permission giving I have reduced the pressure I put on myself to get back to this way of eating. It will happen again, I know this as I believe in the science behind this diet and know it is something I can do without depriving myself and then feeling resentful. I have done it before so I know I can do it again.

Some weeks I have started again, I have done the first day of 500 calories fasting, then find I am not up to doing this the 2nd day that week. So I only do the one day and I am fine with this, in fact I say to myself, ” well done, you did a day”.

So what is the big deal about this? Firstly it means I have been able to stop a lot of the negative thoughts about what in the past I judged as my own weakness or lack of willpower. I accept what I can do and am not giving my self a hard time for not doing more. I am enjoying this place of no guilt, it is liberating and gentle to me and I am loving that I can be this giving to myself.

The big question is, “How did I get here?” Self awareness is the simple answer, but it tells nothing of my journey involved to reach this place. At times gut wrenching but emotionally rewarding therapy, heart ache, love, experience. Everything that involves risk of some sort, risk of making a mistake, risk of being seen, risk of failure………not staying safely cocooned from life and the joys and heart aches it puts our way will put us on the path to self awareness and with this comes greater choices that can enrich and deepen our lives.

So for me, right now, it has been about the 5 and 2 diet. The wonderful thing about self awareness is that it works across my entire life: I have greater understanding of my self in relation to others and their impact on me; I have clearer insight to my responses in certain situations and take responsibility for them, rather than blame the other person. On it goes.

If you are interested in achieving self awareness and having more control over decisions and choices you make, call for an appointment on 0458 677 108.

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