Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy consists of a group of welcoming practitioners who offer a comprehensive range of counselling services to our clients. We can provide the most kind and caring mental health counselling Perth has to offer, addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. We work hard to build a personal relationship with our clients, providing you with the comfort and safety required to explore your issues of concern.

Our practitioners come from a wide range of backgrounds with experience that covers all age groups. As such, we are able to offer teenage counselling Perth and youth counselling Perth as well as providing services to adults and the elderly.

Ultimately, through a non-judgemental and inclusive approach, we want to help our clients increase their personal awareness, which then helps them to respond to situations and issues in a way that is beneficial to their emotional and mental health.

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Our Counselling Services in Perth

  • Anxiety Counselling Perth: If you’re looking for an anxiety therapist in Perth, our practitioners can help you to manage your anxiety and allow you to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Depression Counselling Perth: Our counselling for depression can provide you with the tools that will help you to adopt a more positive and brighter outlook on life.
  • Grief Counselling Perth: Loss – whether it be of a person, pet, home or job – is incredibly difficult. Our grief counselling can help you to work through the complex emotions associated with grief.
  • Trauma Counselling Perth: Our trauma counselling is rooted in forming an interpersonal connection that ultimately helps our clients to feel safe and grounded by the present rather than remain fearful of the past.


perth counselling red chairOur psychotherapy services provide a holistic approach that can help your mental, emotional, behavioural, relational, existential and spiritual health. We incorporate a wide range of approaches that are specifically tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Relationship Counselling

  • Relationship and Couples Therapy Perth: We offer a ‘no blame’ approach to relationship and couples counselling, allowing both parties to contribute, be heard and, ultimately, resolve their issues.
  • Marriage Counselling: We offer the best marriage counselling Perth has to offer. We facilitate much-needed conversations and teach skills which can translated to the home environment.

Family Counselling Perth

  • Circle of Security Parenting Courses: These courses can offer parents with the knowledge and skills they need to help their children feel secure, providing them with a positive foundation to deal with what the future holds.
  • Family Therapy Perth: Our family therapy aims to resolve conflicts and improve communication by working with the entire family, rather than just individuals.


  • Family Dispute Mediation: By providing families with an impartial third party, our mediation services can help to overcome and resolve disputes in a caring and empathetic way.
  • Family Dispute Resolution: Our family dispute resolution practitioner Perth can help to facilitate disputes between separated couples regarding their children.

Why Us?

  • We strive to create an opening, welcome and safe environment in which our clients feel safe to open up about their issues so that we may address them and overcome the negative ramifications they have.
  • Our practitioners come from a diverse range of backgrounds and, between us, there isn’t an age group we haven’t got experience with.
  • We understand that everyone is different and has a different life experience. That’s why we tailor our approach to every single client we meet in order to fulfil their individual needs.

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