Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy offer several different mediation services that aim to help differing parties discuss and resolve their disputes or issues by providing the assistance of a specially trained and impartial third party.

Our qualified practitioners have extensive mediation experience and are able to facilitate important and difficult conversations in a civil manner.

Our mediation services are applicable to a wide range of situations and disputes including, but not limited to, family disputes and workplace disputes. We specialise in mediation in the health sector, including disputes that occur in NGOs, private and public health organisations.

Divorce Mediation Services for Children

Our Mediation Services

Family Dispute Resolution

We are able to provide Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services to couples who are separated or divorced and who seek an agreement regarding how they will continue to parent their child or children post-separation. According to the 2006 Family Law Act, it is a legal requirement that a genuine effort to achieve a resolution is made before parents are able to make any legal applications to the family court.

Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners have formal qualifications, are accredited by a recognised professional body and are registered with the Federal Attorney General’s Department.

Family Dispute Mediation

Family dispute mediation can enable separated or divorced couples come to agreements and resolutions regarding the parenting of their child or children in wake of their separation. This is particularly important because it can help children to adapt to a new situation of no longer having both of their parents under the same roof. Additionally, by helping to assist an amicable separation between parents, family dispute resolution can help to reduce any negative impacts the separation may have on the children.

Why Choose Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • At Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and open. This is particularly important when it comes to mediation as it helps to bring out into the open any underlying issues or resentments that may otherwise fester and cause acrimony in the family or workplace.
  • Our practitioners are all exceptionally qualified and experienced, and share the same respectful and empathetic approach when it comes to mediation. As such, they facilitate open and honest conversations while providing an objective third opinion that can help to navigate the complexities of any given conflict.
  • We provide our mediation services in West Perth and can travel to other areas if suitable facilities are available. Meaning they can be accessible to you no matter where you may be located.

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