Family Therapy

At Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy, we have extensive experience in providing family therapy services. In our family counselling sessions, we recognise and appreciate the perspectives of each individual family member but consider the context of the family unit as a whole in order to help restore trust and effective communication.

Through open communication facilitated by an unbiased, empathetic and professional practitioner, we can help families overcome many issues they may be facing, such as anger, grief or conflict. We understand the complicated and intricate nature of relationships within a family unit. Our knowledge and experience with family relationship therapy means we are able to navigate interpersonal relations to help heal emotional wounds and resolve even long-lasting conflict.

Family Therapy

The aim of our family counselling services is to understand the root of the problems that are disrupting the family unit. We create a comfortable and safe environment, which helps family members feels emotionally supported and able to share their experiences. As a result, family members are able to address and work through unresolved issues, integrate their experiences and move forwards together. We offer the best family counselling in Perth for a reason. The sessions help to build stronger and more trusting family bonds. As such, we help our clients make lasting changes to their lives that shape them and those around them for the better.

How We Can Help

In our family and relationship therapy sessions, we work through key issues affecting the family unit identified by either family members or our counsellor, such as:

  • Broken communication
  • Conflict
  • Unresolved issues that have resulted in resentment
  • Grief or loss
  • Life changes
  • Mental illness
  • Substance misuse
  • Family roles
  • Handling emotions
  • Blended families, and more

Whatever is causing difficulties for your family, our practitioners are here to provide the very best support.

Why Choose Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Our empathetic and objective counsellors take a non-judgemental and respectful approach that helps clients feel comfortable expressing their true feelings and emotions.
  • We acknowledge the client/practitioner relationship is a critical one in assisting people to address their issues.
  • We work with the whole family to improve cohesion and the functionality of the family unit.

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