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The Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic)

Your autonomic nervous system plays a crucial role in keeping your body moving. It is the reason we automatically carry out vital functions such as breathing and digestion, it keeps our heart beating and carries out various other operations that we may not even notice. The autonomic nervous system is further divided into two branches:

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What Is Emotional Regulation?

We all feel and experience emotions. From the moment we wake up, to our daily routine, and settling down at night—we deal with a range of positive and negative thoughts and feelings across our day. But have you ever stopped to consider why you may be feeling certain emotions? Emotional regulation can be defined by

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How Vagal Nerve Simulation is Linked to Mental Health

The vagal nerve has been instrumental in the management of mental health. The vagus nerve–only found in mammals–is a nerve that connects the brainstem and the body to assist in relaxation and regulation. Read on to learn more about how stimulating the vagal nerve is linked to the betterment of our mental health. What Is

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The Nervous System (and How it Relates to Healing from Trauma)

The nervous system oversees your body’s response to stressful situations and this response can be deeply connected to traumas you may have experienced in the past. A dysregulated nervous system will at times cause a response that is disproportionate to a trigger, meaning a seemingly small event can overstimulate the system and cause a more

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How To Make A Long Distance FIFO Relationship Work

Long distance relationships can be the ultimate test for couples. Disruptions to family life, parenting challenges, missing each other and then adjusting to be together again are just a few of the difficulties Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) families face. The choice to become FIFO is not an easy one as career opportunities and attractive

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Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Toxic Relationship

Emotional abuse is often not talked about enough because we tend to associate domestic abuse with physical or verbal behaviours. Here, we dissect what emotional abuse is and the signs of emotional abuse in toxic relationships. What is emotional abuse? Emotional abuse is perhaps less apparent than physical or verbal abuse, but it does not

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