How Attachment Influences Intimate Relationships - Couple lying on the beach

How Attachment Influences Intimate Relationships

There are very few parents who haven’t thought at some time over their parenting journey that some of their responses or parenting decisions may negatively impact their child’s life forever! Thankfully, a significant permanent effect on our children doesn’t really happen anywhere near as often as we fear it will. However, it is important to

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Couples Counselling Last Resort

Couples Counselling – Don’t use it as the last resort!

We can be easily put off by the idea of seeing a counsellor (for anything), that we miss out on all of the ordinary ways that seeing someone can help you in everyday life. Being part of a couple means that you closely depend on and communicate with another human being – with thoughts and

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Why we can feel so easily hurt by our partner

Being in an intimate relationship is very rewarding and also very challenging. How can it be that the one we love most, is the one that can hurt us the easiest? Seems a bit unfair……. Relationship is actually where we can work out many of our issues from the past. Not being in an intimate

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couple counselling - woman looking sad

What to do when your partner wont attend couples counselling

Are you considering separation? Are you wanting to try couples counselling but your partner is reluctant to attend? The stress of relationship difficulties can sometimes result in a situation where one or both people feel that separating is the only answer. This is a big step to take and it is often at this critical

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Self awareness, choice and less judgement

More than a few months ago I was motivated and consistent with following the 5 and 2 way of eating. I was losing weight, feeling better, had more clothes to choose from, and that was just inside my own wardrobe!! What happened? My daughter became pregnant and bought a house, I married my long term

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Circle of Security Parenting Program

A well attached child is secure – Circle of Security Parenting. Developed by Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell in the 1980s and based on John Bowlbys research on child/mother attachment, the Circle of Security Parenting educates parents on healthy attachment; What it is, why it is important and how to achieve it. Many

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